About Us

Est 2017: The Dream Became a Reality

Growing up I wouldn't consider myself a typical girl.  I loved sports; played it, watched it, analyzed it, and dreamt of becoming a professional athlete. For some reason in my Dream I always played Catcher for the best team in the League dealt with gender inequalities but always succeeded to wining the love & respect of my teammates, fans and family.  

It was difficult at times.  Most boys were intimidated when not only did I know more about sports, but I was able to carry a serious sports related conversation confidently, and to top it all off I could play. A natural born athlete I enjoyed competing and wearing comfortable clothing. Many times my Dad would take both my brother and I to a field (baseball, track, football, etc) and he would say "Ponte eSport" . I'd just look at him confused thinking (I'm already wearing my go to outfit: a tee, shorts and sneakers. How much more eSport could I get?!?).  

As I grew older my love of sports continued as did an increase interest in everything cute, pretty and shiny.  I knew Diamonds were just accessories a girls best friends were wit, confidence and self love.  I was a tee-shirt and jeans type of girl and nothing or no one was going to change that.  Until my childhood friend, my best friend for life, introduced me to leggings!  LEGGINGS!!! Now I could be sporty and chic, dressed up or down by simply choosing riding boots over sneakers.  Leggings, leggings & more leggings; life was all about leggings & skinny jeans. I continued to gain interest in fashion reading all the mags, following trends and now dreaming of having my own fashion line.  I continued to dance with the idea of having a fashion gym gear or athletic gear line that could easily crossover to everyday wear. Without the means or direction my dream was just that a dream.  

As I shared my dream with family and friends they encouraged me to find a way.  "When there's a will there's a way" is the most honest but true life motto. I researched and tried different avenues which finally brought me here.  This Website, under constant reconstruction, under constant change with one constant message and goal: to bring Positivity thru Comfort and Style. An affordable active wear line for all.

with much love I wish you all great Happiness & Success,


*Stand Tall, wear a Crown & always be SWEET*